We had so much fun today with hedgehog Hannah!! Thank you so much for coming out and making Vinnys 5th Birhday one to remember!!
Megan P.
Thank you so much for a wonderful party! We just can’t stop talking about how amazing it was. You guys do a great job! Thank you again!
Chelsie B.
“Our son said he had one of the Best Birthdays Ever with a visit from the animals of Hedgehog Hannah. Got to see his favorite animal in the whole world, up close. What more could a kid ask for?”
Tanya H.

See Why Hedgehog Hannah is the #1 Choice for Indianapolis and Central Indiana Birthday Party Celebrations!  Thank you for making our 7th year our best ever!!!

We’re passionate about animals, education, and creating the best interactive animal experience possible!  Call us today at (317) 896-0001 or email us at hedgehoghannah@gmail.com to book your exotic animal show.   We need very little room so your living room often makes for a GREAT show!

Do you have a child in love with animals? Are you part of a school staff, and want to share something special with the kids? Girl Scouts? Cub Scouts? Well we are your go-to. We provide a hands-on, educational experience that will liven up anyone’s day! Both children and adults can touch, handle, and learn about critters from all over the world, whether it be a bouncing Wallaby, American Alligator, Sugar Glider,  HUGE Burmese Python, Savannah Monitor Lizard, Hedgehog, or Arctic Fox. Whether you want scary, cuddly, or exotic animals, we have it all and want to share it with you. We will travel through the desert, the rain forest, the plains, and more to show you the amazing wonders of the animal kingdom.

Our mobile petting zoo will make your eyes widen and your heart pound at both the cute AND the not so cute. One of the best parts is, we come to you! No matter what event it is that you have, just give us a call, and you can count on Hedgehog Hannah being there with  furry, scaly, and wild critters!

We give our animals the most attention possible, and in return they give us love and affection. Don’t want any animals in your house? We happily offer outside fun too! (Note: not applicable during cold weather)

Our goal is to help conserve wildlife through education. We teach about the importance of rescuing, researching before adding a new pet to the family, and most importantly, keeping as many animals in the wild as we can. Some of our animals are rescues, and we take great pride in knowing that we can help. If you have an “unusual” animal that needs a new home, contact us. We may be able to either help you ourselves, or refer you to someone who can do so.  We do shows for all of the Indianapolis area including Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Avon, Westfield, Lafayette, Bloomington, Kokomo, and many more!   For an additional travel fee we also do shows in ALL of Indiana.

In addition to GREAT birthday parties, we’ve done shows for IUPUI, JCC, IHC, Indianapolis Cathedral, Primrose School, Boy and Girl Scouts, Hamilton County Parks, Carmel Clay Parks, Goddard Schools, Park Tudor,  Indiana School for the Blind, Vacation Bible Schools, various festivals, company outings,  and MANY more!

Our Indianapolis Show Packages.  Call us today at 317-896-0001 for additional information or to book a show!

Amazing 8

Arctic 10

Arctic 12

Outback 12

8 Animals, 45 Minutes for $205

10 Animals, 60 Minutes for $235

12 Animals, 65-70 Minutes for $255

12 Animals, 65-70 Minutes for $285

The “Amazing 8” is Fuzzy and Exotic Fun.   This show includes fuzzy animals like a chinchilla but also reptiles like an alligator and snake.  Sonic our hedgehog comes to all of our shows!

Our “Arctic 10” is an  AMAZING show!  Includes an arctic fox, hedgehog, fuzzy animals like a chinchilla and ferret, and also reptiles like an alligator and large snake.

The “Arctic 12” is essentially the Outback 12 but without the wallaby.  You’ll get an arctic fox, LARGE python or boa constrictor,  chinchilla, hedgehog, and many others.   Touch our super amazing alligator!

The “Outback 12” is our BEST show!  Includes a wallaby (looks like small kangaroo), arctic fox, and other mammals like a chinchilla, hedgehog and ferret.  You also get great reptiles like an alligator, large snake, chameleon and monitor lizard.

There is a $50  deposit due at the time of booking.    We can take payments by credit card over the phone but we also accept checks by mail.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
Anatole France
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Ghandi